James Donovan on the Benefits of Running

February 17, 2013

James Donovan, managing director at Goldman Sachs and adjunct professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, is a devoted runner. In an interview with Lindsey Holder, he explained that regular runs have helped him manage stress, stay focused and maintain his health.

Lindsey: When did you start running as a way to manage your stress and health? Was there a particular event that happened that encouraged you to start running or did someone introduce you to it?

Jim Donovan: I started using it to manage stress when I began my career at Goldman Sachs 19 years ago. I found that it was a tremendous relief- a great outlet- for me to run.

I then made certain that I ran for 30-45 minutes every day no matter what. No matter how little I slept and no matter where in the world I happened to be, all I needed was a pair of sneakers and running clothes to start my day. I’ve been a convert ever since.

Lindsey: Fueling your body is just as important as running itself. What are your go to power foods you have before and after your run?

Jim: I don’t eat before my runs, but right after my run I eat a breakfast of fruit (bananas and apples) and granola cereal with milk.

But no one should think that Jim Donovan is only devoted to running- not at all. Jim Donovan also is devoted to his lovely family. As the father of four children, he has transmitted the message about the importance of giving to others to his offspring. Each year, as an act of kindness and to transmit the message of the importance of giving, James Donovan takes their four children to local soup kitchens and help distribute food to those less fortunate.


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